4 Reasons to Begin Your Day Reading the Bible

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How you start your day has a lot to do with how your day goes. For this reason, beginning your day by reading the Bible is an excellent way to start you on the right path. If you do not begin your day with scripture study, learn how this small addition can change your path.

1. Prepare to Face the Challenges

God never promised that life would be perfect; each person will face trials from day-to-day. However, when you know that God is right there by your side and is there to help you face these challenges, it is easier to make it through. Beginning your day by reading God's word will keep you full on his promises so that whatever test and trials come up throughout the day, you are equipped to handle them.

2. Start the Day in Peace

It easy for the chaos and confusion of yesterday to make its way into today. However, when you start your day with old baggage, you only weigh yourself down and make your load even heavier. Reading the Bible each morning is a great way to clean your slate and remove the worry and doubt from the day before so that you can begin each new day from a place of complete peace. 

3. Lead With Love

It is much easier, and better to love than it is to hate. However, as a human, it is easy for rage and revenge to set in. God is the ultimate when it comes to love. By taking the time to read his word in the Bible, you are reminded of his love, and it makes it easier for you to share this love with those around you, even when they are not sharing the same love with you.

4. Keep Your Faith in Perspective

Again, your journey will not always be easy. However, when you remember who God is and your commitment to him, it can make your journey easier. The Bible is full of scriptures that help guide you, show you how much God cares, and even help you remember why you made the commitment to God in the first place. Simply spending time with God in the morning can help you put your faith into perspective. 

There are so many translation options available when it comes to reading God's word, such as the Bible translation by William Tyndale. Find what works for you and make your time in the Bible the start of each day.  


10 December 2020

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